We don’t know what you think about your job!
But, we think how do we explain business better.”  


We don’t know what you think about your job! However, we think about how do we explain business better.

Our journey started in 2007.

When we set off, we only had dreams and good ideas. And, like any other brand, our skinny but pleasant melody. You know what they say; brands are born with melodies, grow and breathe. If you don’t have a melody, you cannot promote your product or service and make it accepted by people.

We started the business from ourselves.

We tightly embraced the instruments we use in our tune.
Good ideas and design! Whenever we are in difficulty, we turn our face to them. We try again and again. Good orchestras are formed among from people who see their instrument as a part of their body and who can breathe together. We believed that way, and made our choices accordingly. We have served our customers with pleasure, with our orchestra that dominates each instrument, namely our strong staff. Our interlocking to each other can only be explained by these factors.

We grew up each day a little bit more.
We woke up to the day with other media and completely different friends.

We said that he is the child of this house that goes through the door of the Monogram. Some of them were born in our hands, some of them were renewed completely, and some of them we made only small touches to. Then our responsibility gradually increased. We wanted even a person who trusted the monogram to not to pull a long his face, we were aware that every new project is a new door for change and development. For this reason, we have sat back less and worked hard. Of course, we have also seen someone off among us. But we definitely smiled and made someone smile. We have always tried to create the best tune and memorable work of arts. We have added our soul to work and we devoted our mind to work. And we accomplished that.

We are Monogram,

We are always ready. To listen to you, learn with you, work with you, to become one in content and design with you, to sing song or to produce with you!..

Monogram; it’s a symbol design with the value of the emblem in which two or more letters are combined.